Psalm 119:105


You might be making decisions about your job, school, family/home, self or relationships, but you don’t have to make those decisions on your own. God is interested in every detail of your life, and He’s provided direction and guidance in His Word. God will lead you in a right path.

When life seems dark, or when you aren’t sure about which choice to make, turn on the light of God’s Word so you can see clearly what to do. As you meditate on His Word and confess His promises over your life, it chisels away the walls of doubt, fear and uncertainty that would try to block you or hold you back.

Remember, you can always trust God because He is good and He has plans to prosper and bless you when you follow His Word. The Bible tells us that the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn which shines brighter and brighter. That means His truth will guide and direct your heart in the direction of peace, blessing and increase in every area of your life!


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