It’s Okay to Cry


Jesus wept. (John 11:35)

I always ask God things like “why me?’ or “Am I that worthy?” and even if how many times He answer, even if how many verses He show me, I will never understand. Sometimes, I feel that I’m not worthy of all of this. But thanks be to God for His unending grace.

I will never be able to grasp that love of Yours. I will always be in doubt, not with You, but with myself. But at the same time, I will always burst in tears because I know that even though I cannot understand and although I cannot grasp that thought, it is true. It will always be true.  And it will never ever change. I know You have something better plans for me.

Sometimes it’s hard to express your feelings and your emotions to the people around you. Not because you’re afraid of what they’ll say, but because our generation doesn’t seem to be very keen on being honest about their pains.

The reality is that way too many people are putting on a facade of perfection in order to keep people from knowing how they are truly hurting. It’s as if everyone feels like showing pain is a sign of weakness.

Definitely, I’m on pain. I’m confused. Everything is not clear for me, but that’s where the beauty of faith comes in. I admit that I don’t know what to do, but I know that this is the first step in finding peace and comfort in my situation.

God, You are the only constant in my life. The one who makes me flexible,  who makes me worry-free. Because though I cannot control things, You can. And You are my friend, my best friend, my father, my Savior, my God. By those simple words that can describe who you are in my life, I can understand that one thing. You are not going to let me fail and fall. I have you no matter what.

” We can’t do everything on our own, so admitting this will not only show a sense of humility in your life, but will also show God that you have faith in His strength and promises. ”
Just want to encourage you today, Keep holding on Jesus!

Well, writing seems to be an option for me nowadays, that is the only option I have. I feel so drained not to write words, I can really feel the sadness that could make me crazy in one day just when I don’t hold a pen for one day. I have the insight that I really need to write my pains. And seriously, tears are the only ones I can produce these past few days. It’s okay to cry, even Jesus, wept. So maybe, the next few entries of mine would be the stock I have in my folder.


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