Random Writings

“If you ask me how I am doing, I would say I am doing just fine…”

-Not over you. 


For I want my heart to rest until wounds heal…

I have decided to completely forget. I made up my mind that your name would be forbidden words to utter. Every time I’ll see a thing that reminds me of you, I’ll just close my eyes.  I have decided to take a leap and move on. To delete everything about the false memories I have hidden. I take away all the memories. To see you in a light how others look at you. And not to think the way I think about you. I made up my mind to let go of the view I have for you within. I decided to put a period. Move forward. And leave everything to the Lord.

I believed the promises you said. Believed in dreams of my own imagination. Believed in things that would never happen in reality.  Believed in nothing. Because I was drown in false meaning of love you defined for me. I would have left the ocean for you even you took everything away and just gave me little self-respect.

I never thought a person’s mind could think of someone over and over again. Only so real to miss that people and to cry for a hope that even just for a second, I could forget everything about you.

P.S: Random thoughts only. 11:11PM


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